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About us

The team behind Zuuvi is rooted in the ad industry and includes
senior skilled designers, programmers and usability experts.

We have developed online display banners since 2006 and delivered solutions for thousands of advertisers, agencies (both digital and more traditional oriented) and media bureaus. With Zuuvi we are going to make everybody capable to control and publish HTML5 campaigns and banners within minutes and without any programming skills needed.

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Why Zuuvi?

The idea of creating Zuuvi came to us through working for years with several ad campaigns. All the customers we met were frustrated that dealing with HTML5 banners, coding, programming and processes took time and was costly. There was no easy time-to-market and no standards to follow

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That’s why!

There had to be a smarter and faster way! That’s why we introduced Zuuvi! Banner production made easy

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Wanna Zuuvive?

If you want to hear more, please contact the team on +45 26 18 16 18 or send us a mail on – we are looking forward to hearing from you

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