What is Zuuvi?

Disruption of the banner market

Zuuvi should enable advertisers to develop, modify and publish HTML5 banner campaigns themselves without the help of a bureau or web developer.

How can you, as an advertiser, keep track of your banner campaigns? Not to be dependent on the help of an agency or developer. Zuuvi enables advertisers to produce, version and publish HTML5 banner campaigns themselves and deliver them to digital media.

Alexander Augustesen, co-owner of Zuuvi, explains: “With the Zuuvi platform, we have enabled advertisers to save a lot of money and time in the design phase, while easily online editing, following the effect and thus ensuring an optimal result while the campaign is running”.

“We believe that everything that is less complicated and more routine in marketing in the future will be taken over more by systems such as Zuuvi. On the other hand, we also believe in the agency’s justification for even more advising on the strategic and more complex of marketing”, Alexander Augustesen continues.

But what about creativity?

“With Zuuvi, you do not compromise on creativity. On the contrary, there are many opportunities to build banners in the most efficient way and in line with one’s strategic starting point and communication platform. Therefore, there are no restrictions on formats, content changes, video usage, etc. In a commercial context creativity is about ensuring effect”, Alexander Augustesen says.

Banner production made easy

The benefits to the advertiser are obvious, he believes, and refers to customers who have already had positive experiences with the platform.

For example, Singapore Airlines, which has chosen Zuuvi for all their Nordic banner activities, and Toyota who have already had millions of views with the tool.

The idea is that advertisers save money and time in the development phase, while the subsequent online can follow the effect of the campaign, edit and version the banners as needed and in this way ensure an optimal result when running.

“It’s a browser tool that eliminates an otherwise coded and technically difficult process”, Alexander Augustesen says.

The tool works in practice by the advertiser logging in, uploading or designing a number of templates, and then filling content in the banners.

Global ambitions

Zuuvi banners work in all the major networks such as Google DoubleClick, Adform or Adtech, to name just a few. During the campaign you can change the content of the banners while they are “on air” without having to resend them.

You can also keep up with performance and optimize your campaigns continuously using a statistics module.

“The need for an agile and very cost-effective banner production is very large – not just in Denmark, but throughout the world – and therefore we are constantly working on developing the system so that it can be even more than today. It is a process that never ends and it is incredibly exciting to be a part of. At the same time, it is very satisfying that, despite a very soft and silence launch, we already have several paying customers on the system. The potential of a technology just like Zuuvi is gigantic”, Alexander Augustesen concludes.

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The most popular and effective banners

Where to start when making banners?
At first you have to consider which sizes to use. We would like to present to you some statistics and facts about the banner sizes.

Banner Sizes – Standard

Size (px) Name Frequency     Example
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle 40%


728 x 90 Leaderboard 25%


160 x 600 Wide Skyskraber 12%


320 x 50 Mobile Leaderboard 12%


300 x 600 Half page 5%


970 x 250 Billboard 1%


Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) works very well on both mobile and desktop, as well as it holds 40% of global impressions. Therefore we recommend including it into your campaign.

Banner Ad Sizes – Most popular

Statistics shows that it is wise to focus on 4 formats:

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle (40%)

728 x 90 Leaderboard (25%)

320 x 50 Mobile Leaderboard (12%)

160 x 600 Wide Skyskraber (12%)


Start out by putting together a mix of those 4 above mentioned most popular sizes.
Now you are ready to choose the most effective banner for your campaign.


When you have chosen the size(s) then start to design. Don’t miss reading our 6 tips for designing great banners.

6 tips – What must I think about when designing banner ads?

Are you about to create your banner ad with templates from Zuuvi or on your own? Zuuvi offers some key advices for the best practices.

  1. Simplicity

The display of a banner is not that big and that’s why simple is one of the key principle. If you add too much information into little space it can be overwhelming and difficult to read the text. Your message should be clear and understandable right away to get the customers click.

  1. High-quality images

To keep your brand image as high as possible make sure you use the best image. Make sure to use high res and not pixelated pictures. But keep the max. on 150 kb when exporting the image.

  1. Eye catchy!

The ideally ad makes the customer stop scrolling, because it stands out and provoke customers to click on it.
You can attract attention with contrasting colors. Make the text stand out from the background when communicating. Color combination means a lot as well as the importance of colors. As an example, red can heighten appetite, excitement, and anxiety. That’s why restaurants often use the color scheme red. An overwhelming color can be yellow when it is used too much. Viewers are about to know that it is a cheap tactic to increase sales as yellow is attention-grabbing.

  1. Mobile first

Think mobile first. Zuuvi offers responsive banner designs suitable for different devices.
Phone based CPCs cost 24% less than desktop and have a 40% higher CTR.

  1. Dynamic draws attention

Quickly you will be drawn by a dynamic ad more than a static image. With Zuuvi you can easily and from the very beginning create an animated HTML5 banner. Our templates offers zoom effects etc.

  1. The power of free

Nothing is more attention grabbing than writing the word “free” on your ad. Free stuff draws people attention and that’s why the word is an excellent trigger.

Examples on great banner designs:
Cph Business has created with Zuuvi templates a dynamic banner with eye-catchy colors and beautiful high res images.

This is a great example from Codan on a simple and minimalistic banner

At least when you build your banner at Zuuvi always have these 3 tips in mind – Be compelling, be concise, and be precise.