Increase your CTR on Black Friday

Black Friday can be a day of high sales but it can also be the day of disappointment. Increase your CTR and make sure not to get missed doing Black Friday with this small guide.

Black Friday

On Friday the 29’th of September, Black Friday is all over us. This is your company’s chance to increase sales, but it is hard to get recognized during this bonanza. Every impression is hard-won, why this guide will take you through some of the basics when creating online display banners and hopefully increase the click-through rate (CTR).


Don’t forget your brand

The main thing when creating your online ads for Black Friday is that you do not forget to include your brand. This might seem obvious, but plenty of companies changes their standard guidelines for their communication on ads during Black Friday. Some companies change everything into black and white even though their usual communication is colorful. The CTR on Black Friday is higher than usual, why this is a golden opportunity for your company to increase traffic and conversions on your site. Remember your brand identity and seize this opportunity!


Stand out!

A lot of the display banners you see today are static banners. Try to create interactive banners – Zuuvi allows you to create banners that the consumer can interact with. You can even insert a video into your display banner. Like with anything else within marketing, standing out is important to increase your CTR. If you need any inspiration, you can check out our banner ABC. Here you find a quick guide to instantly improving your banners.

If you need any inspiration for your CTA-button, read this guide!

With Zuuvi you can live-edit your banner, test them and find out what works best for you!


Real-time editing benefits

When using Zuuvi you get the opportunity to do real-time editing, this can be a deal-breaker during the Black Friday advertising bonanza. If your banners are made from a third party, it will be difficult to match competitors. Use the ability to live-edit your banners and change the price as you wish. If a competitor drops their price, be agile and follow!

And what about countdown? A countdown in a splash is a very common and a very effective tool to increase the attention towards your brand on Black Friday. Previously it was an expensive feature because you need a graphic designer to change the number each day. With Zuuvi you can do by yourself! You can simply change it in our banner builder and click “save”, then your banners will change within 30 minutes on every media they are published on.

Note; If you use Google Ads, you simply just have to download your banners with the updates and replace them.


Black Friday target group

Remember who your audience is and target your display advertising after the target group. While there might exist a stereotype about women like shopping more than men, actually the numbers tell us different on Black Friday. Men tend to have the highest spend on Black Friday – almost twice as much as women!


Men vs Women

And if you want to narrow your scope even more, Generation X is the most likely to spend the highest amount on Black Friday.




Couples also seems most likely to plan to spend a lot on Black Friday. In other words, be aware of where you are in your marketing funnel to gain the most success on Black Friday.

Try different approaches and split test your display banners. This will allow you to increase your conversion on Black Friday.

What is a marketing funnel?

This is a short introduction to the marketing funnel and how you can use it to increase your sales in your business.


What The ‘Funnel’?

So what is a marketing funnel? The easiest way to express it is: “The sales process from the beginning to the end”. The marketing funnel can be used to express the customer’s journey from not knowing a product, all the way down to conversion.
A marketing funnel is a good tool for you to map where to put your different marketing initiatives into action.

This blog post will be focusing on, where you can use your HTML5 banners in the different phases.

Marketing FunnelAwareness

The first phase in the funnel is the awareness phase. The awareness phase is when you are letting your future customer know, that you exist. The most important thing, when you start a business, blog, or actually anything else that you want someone to engage with, is that you have to create awareness out amongst the audience. You need to let your audience know who you are and what you are selling. This is essential if you want to succeed as a new business.
When creating awareness, display banners are exceptionally effective. You can increase your reach a lot with a relatively small budget. HTML5 banners will let the audience interact with your banner and hereby be exposed to more of your material, why it is a good idea to consider creating a movable and/or interactive banner. If you haven’t made an HTML5 banner before or even don’t really know what it – don’t worry, we have a guide right here!
Remember that your audience does not know you yet, so keep your communication simple. Do not put too much information or outrageous pictures on your banners at first. Try to catch the audience’s attention with a creative little twist. But remember, this is a turtles game. It will be slow and tough but be consistent and you will succeed.
Here is an example. We try to keep it simple, we do not want anyone to buy anything, we just want our audience to know we exist and what we do. This is a common website banner that you can use on almost any website.

website banner

We made it a moveable banner, that will change frame after a second to this one, where the product will be presented and explained.

HTML5 banner

The reason for this is, that we know a lot of people do not care about HTML banners at all. The ones who do might stay for the second frame. These people want to see what this ad is regarding. We will use this attention to present our product and insert a CTA-button.
This is how we have done it. It does certainly not mean that it is the only way.

Only your imagination sets the limit in the awareness phase!



The second phase in the marketing funnel is the interest phase. Your audience has seen your HTML banner and knows that you exist and they have shown interest in your kind of product. Sadly it does not mean, that the customer is interested in buying from you. But do not worry, we just need to get the customer pushed further down the funnel. We will give an example of how you can do it with website banners.
At this phase, you need to focus on your brand position. Who are you and what differentiates you from the competitors? You can of cause also you banners here! Your customer might have been on your website browsing but they haven’t bought anything, yet! This is where you need to put up a remarketing system. Expose them for the products, that they almost purchased. This will increase the chance of a sale!



Now, this is the final phase before your sale – the decision phase. In this phase you need to lure your customer, that is on the edge of buying your products. The hard part is over. The customer knows who you are and they have evaluated your product and are considering to buy something from you.
This can be done by offering exclusive discounts, promotion codes, free delivery, etc.
If you have your remarketing account set up for this, you can create online banners with specific information about these offers.
You can also try to set up a reward system on your website or sending out newsletters. There are in other words plenty of ways to push your customers down into the action phase. The word here is again to be fast and react to your customers’ needs. If the customer is ready to buy, you’ll have to catch them before it’s too late.



Congratulations, your initiatives in marketing funnel have worked to the fullest and you have accomplished a new customer. Now the mission is to create loyalty among your customers so that they skip the upper funnel and go directly to the decision/action phase.
This can also be done with various initiatives with HTML5 banners. Use your banners to get people to sign up for newsletters or offer a promotion code. Maybe you want to promote a loyalty program, where your customers can earn points when they purchase your products. The choice is yours!

How to get your Google Ads account approved to HTML5 banners.

This is a quick guide to get your HTML5 banners approved for Google Ads. At Zuuvi we have made it easy for you to upload your banners to Google Ads, but the first step is the approval.


Error when uploading HTML5 banners:

If it is your first time uploading your HTML5 banners in Google Ads, you will not immediately get the access to do that. People who have been uploading HTML5 banners before the change from AdWords to Google Ads, will not meet this problem. They are automatically approved for the new platform.

This might be your first meeting with Google Ads when you try uploading your new nice looking HTML5 ads. But keep reading, we have the solution for you!

Error when uploading HTML5 banners:


The easiest way to fix this problem is to contact your advisor from Google if you have any. If you do not have any contact person from Google, then keep reading, we will go through some possible solutions to solve this issue.


The easy guide to get Google Ads HTML5-access:

If you do not have a contact person from Google then you have to enter this link into your browser:

When you open the link it will look like this:

Google Ads sign-up


At this stage, you need to follow the formula and then Google Ads will grant you the access if you meet Google requirements. If you want to be sure not to wait a month, there are some specific requirements. We recommend checking these before applying. You can see them below.


Google Ads HTML5 Requirements

There are some specific requirements that you will have to meet before you requesting for a Google Ads HTML5-access.

  • You need to have a good history in terms of meeting the general requirements from Google Ads HTML5-guideline
  • You need to have a healthy payment history
  • You need to have a lifetime spend in your account over 1000$


When your company meets these requirements, you are good to go for applying for Google Ads HTML5 Access!

The banner ABC – Ad Being ‘Ceen’

How do you get the consumer to notice your banner? This is a short guide, that will help you to get more conversions on your display banners.

Banner Text

When creating a banner there is limited space for text, why you need to be very clear in your communication. The best content on a banner is original, short and engaging towards the consumer. The text on your banner should reflect the rest of your banner – the image, CTA, colors, etc. The text needs to create a bridge between the consumer and the landing page. Encourage the consumer to click on your banner with. This can be done in many different ways, try to use a question or an unusual sentence, that will make the consumer think.

Instead of writing; “Try the new model” try “Want to try the new model? Click here” or “Try the new model before everyone else!”. The possibilities are endless, only your imagination creates the boundary.

Banner Text

Banner Image

The banner image can be used in many variations. You can choose to show your products, company name, employees, etc. The most important thing is, that it relates to the rest of the banner. If the banner advocates a specific product it is a great opportunity to display it on your banner. If it is a banner that is focused on creating awareness, then use your company logo or similar.

If you do not have any pictures, you can find royalty-free pictures on various websites such as:

And many more…

Banner image

Static vs. Animated Banners

Banner conversion is neglected by various businesses yet by focusing on static or animated banners can increase the conversion rate. This is why we find it important to think about, what you are sending out in cyberspace and how your consumer project it. Static vs. Dynamic banners are a good place to start.

A lot of the banner you see on various websites are static. Static banners do not move or change over time, they stand as a picture with a message and a CTA. The consumer is becoming more and more blind every day when it comes to banners. The consumer is used to being exposed everywhere with different marketing material, that is why it could be a good idea to think about what you want to communicate with your banner.

By using animated banners, you can add more life to your online banners. HTML5-banners allows communicating a more complex message. But it can also become too complex and the CTA is exposed to late. The consumers’ attention span is lower than ever before, why you should not just choose animated banners because it is keen on the eye. If your message is simple to stay with the static banner.

Static vs dynamic banner

Call To Action

Call to action or CTA is the button that leads the user onto your landing page. The text and color of the CTA is a great part of creating attention and conversion through the HTML5 banner because it is engaging the consumer. Remember to doublecheck where your CTA leads to. A lot of unique consumers get lost because of misleading by the CTA.

If you want to know more about CTA – check out our wisdom on CTA here!

The beginner’s guide to CTA

What is CTA and how do you increase the possibility of the consumer to click on it? This is a beginners introduction to CTA and how to improve it.

What is CTA?

CTA stands for Call To Action and refers to the button on your website or HTML5 banner, that guides your user closer to conversion. On your HTML banner, CTA is a crucial part of getting the consumer to your landing page. This is why you have to give the CTA button extra attention when making your banner in Zuuvi. The CTA is a unique chance to encourage your user to step further down the marketing funnel (Back-link) and increasing thereby CTR.

CTA Text:

When creating a CTA-button the text is very limited, but that does not make it unimportant! The text in the CTA is your opportunity to encourage the user to enter your landing page and hereby improve the change of conversion.

What is a good CTA text is solely depending on your business. The CTA text needs to reflect the rest of your business’ communication. Are your communication cheeky and daring, then your CTA needs to reflect that and vice versa.

The text should be a natural reflection of your landing page. Do you advocate for people to sign up to your newsletter, then the text could be “sign up here!” and the CTA-link should guide the user to a sign-up page.

CTA color

The color of your CTA is an important tool when working with banners. The color of the CTA button should catch your consumers’ attention. This is why choosing the right color is important for your CTR.

When deciding the color of your CTA it can be a great advantage to take a look at the complementary colors (insert photo). Choose a color that is complementary to your banner colors. If you are using blue nuances, try to take a red color for the CTA and vice versa. This will create attention to the CTA button.

If you want to take it to the next step, then you can consider semiotics when deciding. Are you using yellow? Yellow gives happy vibes but can also mean a discount. Choose color wisely, colors contributing a lot to the overall communication of your banner.

Underneath you can see the complementary colors.

Complementary colors for CTA

Underneath you can see, how men and women tend to project colors of CTA-buttons.


Men and women CTA color statistics


Best Call to Action buttons:

So what is the best CTA? That is a tricky question, that depends a lot on the rest of your banner. The CTA can never carry the rest of the banner but can certainly elevate it. The CTA should guide the user to the correct landing page, if not the CTR will drop. The CTA should be easy to find, try to make in a different color, this will increase the chance of a user to notice it. And encourge your consumer to act. I stead of writing “Get Started” write “Get Started Now!”

The most popular and effective banners

Where to start when making banners?
At first you have to consider which sizes to use. We would like to present to you some statistics and facts about the banner sizes.

Banner Sizes – Standard

Size (px) Name Frequency     Example
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle 40%


728 x 90 Leaderboard 25%


160 x 600 Wide Skyskraber 12%


320 x 50 Mobile Leaderboard 12%


300 x 600 Half page 5%


970 x 250 Billboard 1%


Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) works very well on both mobile and desktop, as well as it holds 40% of global impressions. Therefore we recommend including it into your campaign.

Banner Ad Sizes – Most popular

Statistics shows that it is wise to focus on 4 formats:

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle (40%)

728 x 90 Leaderboard (25%)

320 x 50 Mobile Leaderboard (12%)

160 x 600 Wide Skyskraber (12%)


Start out by putting together a mix of those 4 above mentioned most popular sizes.
Now you are ready to choose the most effective banner for your campaign.


When you have chosen the size(s) then start to design. Don’t miss reading our 6 tips for designing great banners.

6 tips – What must I think about when designing banner ads?

Are you about to create your banner ad with templates from Zuuvi or on your own? Zuuvi offers some key advices for the best practices.

  1. Simplicity

The display of a banner is not that big and that’s why simple is one of the key principle. If you add too much information into little space it can be overwhelming and difficult to read the text. Your message should be clear and understandable right away to get the customers click.

  1. High-quality images

To keep your brand image as high as possible make sure you use the best image. Make sure to use high res and not pixelated pictures. But keep the max. on 150 kb when exporting the image.

  1. Eye catchy!

The ideally ad makes the customer stop scrolling, because it stands out and provoke customers to click on it.
You can attract attention with contrasting colors. Make the text stand out from the background when communicating. Color combination means a lot as well as the importance of colors. As an example, red can heighten appetite, excitement, and anxiety. That’s why restaurants often use the color scheme red. An overwhelming color can be yellow when it is used too much. Viewers are about to know that it is a cheap tactic to increase sales as yellow is attention-grabbing.

  1. Mobile first

Think mobile first. Zuuvi offers responsive banner designs suitable for different devices.
Phone based CPCs cost 24% less than desktop and have a 40% higher CTR.

  1. Dynamic draws attention

Quickly you will be drawn by a dynamic ad more than a static image. With Zuuvi you can easily and from the very beginning create an animated HTML5 banner. Our templates offers zoom effects etc.

  1. The power of free

Nothing is more attention grabbing than writing the word “free” on your ad. Free stuff draws people attention and that’s why the word is an excellent trigger.

Examples on great banner designs:
Cph Business has created with Zuuvi templates a dynamic banner with eye-catchy colors and beautiful high res images.

This is a great example from Codan on a simple and minimalistic banner

At least when you build your banner at Zuuvi always have these 3 tips in mind – Be compelling, be concise, and be precise.