We believe that creativity in digital marketing is important today – and will become even more important in the future.

What is Zuuvi?

Zuuvi is a danish tech-platform build to digital marketingteams and designers, that enables them to produce best-in-class ads on few minutes.

The idea to Zuuvi started when the founding team headed this problem “These HTML5-banners, coding, and launching them is a long and costly process….”
The team behind Zuuvi comes from advertising agencies, and has a background from programming, designing and user journeys. We have developed banners since 2014 and delivered ads through Zuuvi to thousands ad providers and networks.


Zuuvi is founded


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Examples of digital advertisement ideas that rock

Digital ads dominate a huge part of the online sphere and most of us definitely meet various banners throughout our daily interactions online. Even though digital ads are common, how successful the actual designs of them really are is debatable. It can indeed be challenging to constantly think creatively and develop innovative banners in a […]

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8 online tools you need to know as content producer

In this blog post we have listet 8 tools that we use almost every day. We hope, that you will enjoy them as much as we do.   REMOVE.BG Do you need to remove the background from an image? It’s easy with Remove.bg. You just upload your picture and this website will take care of […]

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How to make a video banner

Do you wonder if advertising with video banners would be beneficial for your company? Or if video banners are beneficial at all? Then you need to read this guide. We have completed a small introduction to what a video banner is and why you need to invest in them.    WHAT IS A VIDEO BANNER? […]

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