Easy, effortless and effective

Create best-in-class HTML5 banners with different pictures, animations, videos, fonts or choose between our different customised standard templates.

1. Produce

Take control and produce banners yourself

Start by choosing one of our many standard templates or by uploading your own. You can edit every single bit of content in the banner ad without being a designer or web developer.

2. publish

Export to several display networks or social media

Publishing your banner is simple – simple as creating a slideshow. Rather than spending couple of hours or even days, you’ll have a ready-to-publish banner set in just a few minutes.
Afterwards you can even make changes to an already published banner as often as you like. The opportunity of instant editing made possible by our integration and collaboration with Facebook, Google Ads, Adform, DoubleClick, AppNexus, GIF eller Iframe.

3. Analyze

Track your banners performance in realtime

Zuuvi analyzes clicks and data, and transforms performance to understandable statistics – Keep track of your campaigns and banners.

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