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Create best-in-class HTML5 banners with different pictures, animations, videos, fonts or choose between our different customised standard templates.

1. Produce

Take control and produce banners yourself

Every great banner ad starts with an idea. But in order to bring the idea to live, you need the right HTML banner software to do so. Creating perfect HTML5 ads is hard work and there is a lot more to it, than what meets the eye. Choosing the right font, the graphics and the color schemes are all factors that need to cooperate with your brand and the message of your banner ads, in order for them to do the job. Developing brilliant HTML5 ads from scratch without the right tools can be challenging which is why we have created a HTML banner software that does the hard work for you.

Start your design journey with our exquisite HTML banner creator by choosing one of our many standard templates or by uploading your own. Whether you already have a vision of how the outcome of the banner ad or you are still exploring and getting inspired, our HTML5 ad creator offers you a starting base. You can edit every single bit of content in the banner ad without being a designer or web developer. Embrace the creativity and bring your HTML5 ad idea to live. Explore the simplicity and innovative features of Zuuvi’s HTML banner software that allows you to produce excellent banner ads with just a few clicks.

2. publish

Export to several display networks or social media

Once you are satisfied with the design it is time to launch your banner which our HTML banner software makes as easy as possible. Publishing your banner is simple – simple as creating a slideshow. Because the templates our HTML5 ad creator offers are customized to different platforms, you will in no time be able to see your HTML5 ads go live in the right formatting. Rather than spending a couple of hours or even days, you’ll have a ready-to-publish banner set in just a few minutes. In that way, you do not waste valuable time on complicated procedures as you instead keep it as simple, as it should be. This leaves more time for you to create even more ground-breaking and creative ads, which you simultaneously can do with our HTML banner creator.

As you view your banner ads you can even make changes to an already published banner as often as you like. The opportunity of instant editing made possible by our integration and collaboration with Facebook, Google Ads, Adform, DoubleClick, AppNexus, GIF or Iframe. When a new idea or correction comes into mind, our HTML5 banner software makes it simple for you to continue where you left off.

3. Analyze

Track your banners performance in realtime

Figuring out whether or not your HTML ads perform in accordance with your ambitions is essential in determining successfulness. Knowing what works – and where – allows you to incorporate this knowledge into your further developments of banner ads. Clicks, views, interactions and purchases can be hard keeping track of and knowing what to do with all of the information is not always a given. Our HTML banner software makes the process of harvesting and analyzing the data simple for you, so you can keep creating and adjusting your HTML5 ads at a much higher pace. Zuuvi analyzes clicks and data, and transforms performance to understandable statistics. This allows you to keep track of your campaigns and banners in order for you to gain more knowledge about how your future banners can be even more successful.

The different variables of banner ads all have different importances for different contexts, audiences and platforms. Maybe one aspect works great on one platform, but less on another. Testing out what works on your audience or on a specific platform enables you to become smarter and learn more about what the way to go is, in order for your HTML5 ads to stand out of the crowd and catch the eye of your audience. Zuuvi’s HTML banner software’s vision is to make the entirety of the process as simple as possible. From the first step of bringing your HTML ad idea to life, to launching it on the specific websites and to analyzing how well it performs.

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